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  • Who is Ignacio Huitrón?
    I am a professional photographer based in Mexico city with more than 10 years of experience in photo wedding journalism. My work aims not only to provide you with a full coverage of your wedding day but with a wide set of beautiful images that will be part of your visual legacy and family heirloom.
  • What services do you offer?
    I would like to offer you all the means to preserve your memories in the most creative and beautiful ways, therefore I parterned with a creative group of photographers who shares my vision and aesthetical approach upon a wedding. Through this parternership I am able to offer you a wide selection of services such as video, drone, printing, web hosting, amongst others. However, you will allways have the chance to choose the services and providers who to work with, as the matter of fact I am very adaptable and a good team player.
  • Do you work outside Mexico?
    Yes! I am available to travel world wide. If you choose me as your wedding photographer contact me as soon as your plans allow it so we can start the proper arrangements as soon as possible.
  • How much do you charge?
    It is not easy to put a price on our memories. From my point of view the photos of all those beautiful instants of an event as important and unique as your wedding are priceless since they are part of your visual legacy. Having said that, depending on the required services the final price of your contract will vary accordingly, however I can tell you that a couple usually spends on products and services an average of $1500 USD without considering travel expenses.
  • When should I book you?
    As sooner the better. Most of the couples I work with choose to book me with 6 months to one year of anticipation, that allow both sides to make the necesary arrangements, but most importantly to avoid any availability issue.
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